How to Find the Right Job

How to Find the Right Job

November 15, 2018


Finding a job you are happy with is the ultimate goal for a lot of people. Loving what you do, and genuinely enjoying your work environment can really have an impact on your life. There can be many reasons people aren’t happy with their current jobs, and many see their current job as, “just getting by.” Start your career search out right with these tips to find the best job suited for you.


Do the Research

Looking for the right job can take some time, so don’t rush it. It might be beneficial to learn more about yourself before you start job hunting. Many people may not have thought about it before, but taking a career test can really be eye-opening. Combining your past work experience skills, your career goals, and your hobbies can combine to produce a job you may have never thought existed.

Don’t search by job titles, search by the skills and experience. There are many components to the right job. The right job for you is based on what you see as the ideal work environment. Think about where you want to be, what you want to be doing, and who you want to surround yourself with. The internet isn’t your only tool for job searching. Get out in the world and do some research. Talk to friends and family about your ideal job, and they may have some insight for you. Hearing first-hand about a line of work can change your perspective.


Narrow it Down

When it comes time to start applying, pick the ones that stand out to you. You will find hundreds of jobs when you begin searching, so it’s important to read the job descriptions and put yourself in that work environment. When you are reading the required skills and the daily tasks, think to yourself, “Do I know how to do this? Will I enjoy doing this?”. Avoid the word “no”. When reading job descriptions see how quickly it took you to find something wrong with the job. Instead of saying “no”, think “how will these setbacks challenge me”. A new job should have the components of what you want to be doing, as well as some new aspects that will push you to be better. Create a list of ten values and goals you have for your future self. When deciding if a job is right for you, they should check off at least six of those.


Use Your Skills as a Guide

Look at your skills and work experience, and pick the things that help you stand out. When looking for a job, think of your skills and determine if you’d be a good fit. The skills you have might be what you enjoy doing the most. Think about what you do well, and what do you want to be doing in the workplace. Present your skills in a way that shows you are the top candidate for the job.

Once you find a job that you think would be the best fit for you, summarize your skills. You want to be able to present yourself to the employer in a clear simple way. Get your point across without overdoing it. You want your conversation to be light but focused on you and your skills. Show the employer how you can improve their workplace, and why you are the best candidate for the job. Start your search out right with Get Hired Local. Check out our listings on